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stormtrooper costume

A stormtrooper costume is perfection personified, at least for nerds. Nothing but an impeccable First Order Storm Trooper costume would satiate the fans. For your First Order stormtrooper costume to be perfect, it must have all the quintessential components. They should be made of quality materials and the design, color, texture and function should be nothing short of impeccable. A true storm trooper costume is incomplete if there is anything amiss, whether it is the iconic first order stormtrooper helmet or the fascinating first order stormtrooper armor. You will find stormtrooper armor for sale but you must have a checklist to know it is precisely what you are looking for.

•First order stormtrooper helmet has to have smoky gray or brown lenses. The shape should resemble a bubble or it could be flat but the color should be dark enough to block vision. The other checkboxes are the single silver aerator, solid black frown, two tears perfectly aligned on the black hexagonal mesh, two clip greeblies, slight groove above the brows and over the chin, solid black brow over the lenses and a trapezoidal stripe and black stripe at the base of the helmet.

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•The neckseal should be black and must cover the entire neck. It should be well fitted and the horizontal ribs must be pronounced. The chest plate should overlap the abdominal plate. The chest plate should be recessed at the center top and the sides must be black. Each side should have a clasp greeblie. The lateral sides should have some vertical groove. There should be six recessed ovals, all in black, on the right side of the chest.

•The back or yoke plate should sport the O II design. It should be a seamless piece. The plate must extend to the shoulder and over, covering the armpits. The mounting plate for the thermal detonator should be under the yoke or back plate but above the belt. There should not be any seam visible anywhere. The shoulder gaskets can be of rubber or some material that comes in glossy black. These should cover the chest, biceps, back and shoulder bell that would be otherwise visible or exposed. The shoulder bells should be identical and interchangeable.

•Biceps should face forward and have one seam to the side. They should be seamless. There should be one clip greeblie across the seam of each bicep. There should be two black ovals outside. Elbow gaskets should have ridges and cover exposed parts of forearms and biceps. The forearms must have a ridged rail embedded inside with a kind of box shape covering a part of it. There should be a box at the wrist end. Both forearms should have clasp greeblies. The hand plates or gloves should be black and white. The abdominal plate should be seamless and wrap around the body perfectly. The other requisite pieces are a codpiece, posterior armor, belt, under suit, thighs, knee gaskets and plates, shins, spats and boots. There is minimal detailing on these parts of the costume so there are fewer things to worry about. Do not forget the blaster rifle.